Every safari has an element of danger and that’s what makes it exciting too. Home to over 16 national parks and conservation areas Tanzania is visited by almost a million tourists every year. Our experienced tour guides are trained to avoid any situation that is not fruitful for the visitors on the safari. With complete knowledge of the routes as well as animal behaviour, they are always prepared and stay attentive throughout the safari. Our Guides will stress on basic precautions you need to take while game viewing, especially when the big four – elephants, lions, buffalos and hippos are around.

Here are some general rules to follow while on a safari to ensure your safety along with the group you are traveling with –


Always stay inside: when driving in a game park, always stay in your car/vehicle. Only get out at designated “hides” or when your guide ask you to. Fatalities can occur if you wander out of the vehicle to get a closer shot o an elephant or lion. Always ask your guide before stepping out of the vehicle.

Don’t stand up or stick anything out of the vehicle: Animals can get annoyed or become aggressive if you wave or do something silly by sticking out of your vehicle. Since many safari vehicles are open-topped and the wildlife is generally accustomed to this, anything out of the blue will attract unwanted attention. As a tourist you should also keep in mind that poaching is rife in many areas and anything that looks like a gun can trigger an aggressive response from a wild animal.

Never Distract Your Driver: Your driver is concentrated in making you safari as exciting as possible, buy taking you as close to the game as possible. Distracting him may result in something unwanted and can put you ns your tem at risk.

Keep Your Windows Up: It’s always better to keep your windows closed especially if you see monkeys or baboons around. They are habitual to cars and if they find anything, they will try the “snatch and grab” approach, grabbing anything that looks enticing and then bounding off with it.


When on a walking safari, you will be briefed on safety by your guide, but there can be times when you will encounter wildlife without a guide. There have been cases of people running into elephants, rhinos etc. and in these situations knowing what to do and not panicking can save your life. Here are some basic tips to help you out if you encounter wildlife eye to eye:

  • Try and stay downwind from the animal. If an animal catches your scent, it will know that you are there and you have no idea whether this will make the animal angry or afraid.
  • If you come across a hostile animal, make sure you are not blocking its escape route. Give the animal a clear passage and do not make any noise to further aggravate the situation.
  • Do not hesitate to move back slowly and quietly if you encounter an animal that doesn’t like you.

We provide best in class African safari vehicles with pop up roofs for best game viewing experiences. Our safari guides with their experience and knowledge of the parks know exactly where to find wild animals and do their best to bring you close for an unforgettable encounter with these majestic animals. We request you to follow your guide’s command and cooperate with fellow team members.

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