Tanzania possesses every possible combination of stunning landscapes, spectacular terrestrial and marine wildlife, idyllic beaches and islands, exciting adventure, archaeological findings and a fascinating history. Tanzania has them all and it’s not hard to experience this surreal land. If you are planning to visit Tanzania, and are worried about the entry requirement, we have collected all the information at one place for you. Here the entry requirements for Tanzania:

Visitor’s Visa

All foreigners seeking to enter the United Republic of Tanzania should be in possession of a valid passport, at least six months prior to expiration. The passport must be presented to the immigration Control Officer at any entry point – Border station, Airport, Harbour. The passport must be presented along with a valid visa, a resident permit or a pass. A visitor must also present a return or onward ticket along with proof of sufficient funds to support himself/herself while in Tanzania.

Visitors coming from non-Commonwealth countries are required to have a valid visa unless their countries have agreements with Tanzania under which the visa requirement is waived. The citizens of Commonwealth countries are not required to obtain a visa unless they are citizens of –

1.    The United Kingdom

2.    Canada

3.    Nigeria

4.    India

When entering Tanzania, the visitor with a visa may then obtain from the immigration control officer, a pass or any other authority to enter the country. Visas are issued by the following authority:

•    The office of the Director of Immigration Services, Dar es Salaam, and the office of the Principal     Immigration Officer, Zanzibar.

•    Tanzania representatives abroad: Visas can be obtained at Tanzania Embassies and High Commissions.

•    Entry points to the United Republic of Tanzania: principally Namanga, Tunduma, Sirari, Horohoro Kigoma port, Dar es Salaam International Airport, Kilimanjaro International Airport, Zanzibar Harbour and Zanzibar Airport.

•    Any other gazetted point.

The cost of Tanzanian visa upon arrival for US citizens is $100, payable in US dollars. Canadian, Australian, British and most European passport holders can also obtain visas upon arrival. The cost of a Tanzanian visa is $50, payable in US dollars.

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